And I’m down in the tube station at lunchtime…

On BBC 2 last night was a brilliant programme celebrating 150 years of the tube (The Tube: An underground History). It included some great old footage and mentioned that Farringdon station was built on the bed of the River Fleet (I didn’t know that!), showed some unused tunnels and stations around the capital and in one part a tube driver (very passionate about the underground) visited a disused station where he finds a 1970’s milk bottle and gets very excited about it. Very much up my street. Brilliant!

WilliamterrissWhen I mentioned the programme at work this morning, a friend asked me did I know that Covent Garden Station was haunted. It’s supposedly the spirit of an actor William Terriss who was stabbed to death by a jealous (and deranged) colleague outside the Adelphi Theatre. His ghost now roams the Adelphi and Covent Garden tube station during certain nights. Bass player and William Blake fan Jah Wobble worked at the station in the mid 80’s, I’d  love to know if he ever witnessed the ghost of Terriss!

More on disused and unopened London Underground stations here and here. Interesting stuff. Any tales of tube station ghosts or disused stations to please! P


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