All along the watchtower

Danny shine again

This lunchtime on a quick jaunt to Oxford Street to pick up something for my wife in John Lewis, I heard a familiar megaphoned voice behind a crowd of people outside a McDonalds near there.

It was the great Danny Shine who we’ve featured a few times on the blog (the first appearance in LIYL was here) and it looked like he was in the process of being moved on by the police (or somebody in a uniform.) He was wearing a brilliant t shirt along the lines of “no matter how many times you jog, in the end you will still die” or words to that effect.

On the way back to work from John Lewis I passed Danny again on the railings of Oxford Street tube, behind the Jehoviah’s Witness’ who didn’t bat an eyelid as Danny showed his appreciation of their organisation and also of the very informative London Evening Standard as the paper vendor looked on bemused.

Great stuff Danny, you made us smile yet again and I wish I could have stayed for longer! P

Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner

looking good

looking good

This wasn’t done in a lunchtime. Yesterday was the Pearly Kings and Queens festival at the Guildhall so my family and I traipsed up to London to see this celebration of our shared history.

there's loads of 'em

there’s loads of ’em

from moiiile aiiind

from moiiile aiiind

As well as the Kings and Queens, there were morris men, a marching band, donkeys and a harvest festival that would have made your heart soar.

Not a pearly man..just dressed as a victorian baby

Not a pearly man..just a morris man dressed as a victorian baby

None of the usual stuff you see on display at the infant school donations..these were all dolled up with cellophane and carried in a cart behind the aforementioned donkeys. We also got to sing old time musical songs in the open air, which is always nice. Look out for it next year. Take a packed lunch though, cos there aren’t a lot of places open to eat in the City on a Sunday. W

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do

Man with ferret _2

Last Monday lunchtime walking down Bow Street I saw a bonkers sight that brought a smile to my face and a grin to lots of others, it was a man walking a Ferret on a lead (of course.) When I asked, “Why take a Ferret for a walk” the owner replied “Well they need their exercise and they need to be kept under control.”

Man with ferret

Turns out her name, for it is a she, is Daisy. Ahhhhh! P

Book of the week

john rodgersThanks to David Watson yet again for loaning me a brilliant book about a series of walks in this fair city of ours. It’s not the usual fare either!

Any book that has on the back cover “nursing a dodgy left knee and a can of Stella he (John Rogers) perambulates through the seasons in search of adventure in our city’s remote and forgotten regions” is alright by me!

There’s some brilliant info in here and loads that I’ve never heard about before either.

Did you know Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket” was filmed in Beckton and some of the palm trees planted there to give the impression that it really was filmed in Vietnam are still growing now? Also that Spike Milligan lived just off Brockley Rise? Merlin’s cave is rumoured to be off the Pentonville Road? No, nor did I!

A brilliant book, that’ll make you smile and make you think. The writer is partial to a vegetable Samosa and after reading the book you will be too. It’s a mine of information about this city we live in that’ll you’d never get in other books and highly recommended.

David got his copy in Book Warehouse  in Southampton Row for £5, what a bargain! It’s available just as cheap at Amazon too! P

One more week to see this

Screens and screens and screens

Screens and screens and screens

If you’re Barbican way, it’s worth popping in to see the Digital Revolution exhibition – which is on until the 14th September. That is, if you like seeing old consoles that you used to own and a load of crazy art installations that will blow your tiny mind.

My favourite was one where you whispered into a little cone, a screen recognised your words and then turned it into a beautiful butterfly that fluttered off. There were some other crackers too, like this little doozy



Depending on where you stood, your silhouette was either turned into a flock of birds, pecked apart by birds or given wings so you could be a bird. Very mental.

Elsewhere, they had an installation that was a collaboration with Will.I.Am…which you might want to give a miss if seeing the big man’s face as a pharoah isn’t really your thing.

Ooh futuristic music

Ooh futuristic music

There’s loads of interesting stuff though, and even if you don’t go in (at £12.50 for a full price ticket, it’s a bit steep) there’s a great little installation in the foyer that the kids will love. W

Cor baby that’s really free

Saturday flyer

Here’s a great free event at Limewharf this Saturday afternoon. It’s a day of music, art and more! Music is from 3-8pm and features Weeds up to me knee’s One Deck Pete plus Thea (MADONJAZZ)Mark G (Penge Jazz) and all the way from Tallinn, Estonia The Rhythm Doctor. You can bring your kids, it costs zilch and it’s a nice chilled out venue so there’s no excuse. Come down and enjoy the end of summer this Saturday afternoon!

There’s also art, acupuncture and a whole lot more. There’s a film called “Drag is my Ecstasy” about the club night Sink The Pink and an exhibition of work from David Holah of BodyMap. How good is that for a Saturday afternoon! P

For more info: