Don’t touch that dial

Radio Live transmission

As a fan of all things radio I merrily legged it from Covent Garden over to the Tate Modern this lunchtime to see Cildo Meireles Babel. It’s a tower of around 800 radios of varying ages, from valve sets at the bottom to small modern electronic radios at the top, displayed in a darkened room.

As a self-confessed radio nut the installation is great to see and also hear, as each set is tuned to a different channel making each time you go to visit a one-off experience. The only complaint is it’s only audible at a low volume so hard of hearing punters like myself have to strain to have a listen.

Worth popping over to the Tate and having a look but pack your ear horn and bring a torch! More on the installation here. P

Spiral Tribe

spires are usOn friday as part of my regular trip to the Loon Fung chinese supermarket for noodles, I passed “the most eccentric spire in London” which sits at the top of the Nicholas Hawksmoor designed St Georges Parish Church, Bloomsbury.

The spire which features in Hogarth’s Gin Lane (1751) features four stone heraldic beasts (two lions and two unicorns) and is stepped like a pyramid. To top is all is a statue of George I in Roman dress posing as St George. Not your average steeple.

Below ground is the Museum of Comedy and a permanent Hawksmoor & Bloomsbury exhibition in the undercroft of the church and of course there’s the church itself. One to have a butchers at if you’re ever passing the Bloomsbury area. PMost eccentric spire

If you love Taiji, you’ll love this!

Rose Poster_2016_London_

The above is not in a lunchtime and lasts far more than an hour but if you’re interested in Taiji and would love to know more about the art or even if you’re a seasoned practitioner, we here at LIYLH can thoroughly recommend this event.

It’s a seminar in South London with Sifu Rose Oliver all the way from the Double Dragon Alliance Cultural Centre, Shanghai.

This seminar is suitable for all styles and levels of Taiji from the interested, the beginner to the experienced and will include: energy cultivation, basic root, waist and body integration exercises, Tong Bei Fajing & line walking drills, Yang style form applications, push hands practice and meditation preparation techniques. It’s all taught in a friendly and fun atmosphere, very informative and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

It’s on Thursday 28th July 2016 from 7pm-10pm at St Hilda’s Church Hall, 375 Brockley Rd, Crofton Park, London SE23 1PL (Enter on Brockley Rd.) The cost is a mere £30 pre-booked or £35 on the door. To get there it’s either Crofton Park BR or a 10 minute walk from Honor Oak Park Stn or Buses: 171/172/P4.

To book or for more information please email 

For more information on the Double Dragon Alliance, Shanghai have a look here.