The great London cover up

The great cover up

It’s happening all around us, statues getting covered up with great sheets of tarp with some road cones strategically placed on their corners so they don’t blow away in the wind. What’s going on?

Here’s the latest in Fleet Street opposite The Royal Courts of Justice, The Temple Bar monument as far as I can remember. What gives? Answers on a postcard please. P


Festival time

Where the wild things are

Where the wild things are

So it’s all kicking off with stuff going on in London. The City of London festival is in full swing and, last week, was the children’s parade. The theme was books (I think) as I saw some great papier maché “Where the Wild Things Are” characters, and a huge “Hungry Caterpillar”. I caught it on my lunchtime jaunt to One New Change. Great costumes, great music (even a little mini-samba band) and good vibes for all.

Mini carnival types

Mini carnival types

Circus man

Circus man – I think

There’s still plenty of free stuff to enjoy too. Remember the pianos dotted about the other year that anyone could play? Well, this year it’s guitars in little upturned rowing boats. The promo pics look ace and on this page there’s also a handy map for you to find the hidden instruments.

PS. Don’t forget the Tour de France comes through town on Monday. It’s going to be BIG! W