Read it in books

Johnny TrunkThis week I was walking back from a trip to the great Loon Fung chinese supermarket in Gerard Street and decided to take a shortcut back to work through Cecil Court.

I’ve walked back through there a good few times, I’ve laughed at the price of yellowing punk fanzines/Sex Pistols posters on sale there and thumbed through obscure 1970’s T’ai Chi manuals in the oldest esoteric bookshop Watkins Books and waved at the tarot card reader sitting in their window.

Johnny Trunk_2

This week I was stopped in my tracks by the great window display for the lovely coloured vinyl LP/Book 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Jules Verne with music by Jonny Trunk in Tenderbooks. It’s a lovely artefact, a few bob at just under £20 but something worth having if you like that sort of thing and have the brass.

So if you ever fancy buying some cheap noodles, pop down to Gerard Street and on your way back check the books, prints and the general bonkersness down Cecil Court. P

The best dressed barra’ in town

Barra_2Walking around London Bridge once lunchtime last week I noticed a great hand-decorated roadsweepers barrow tucked away in  a corner.

There were photo’s stuck on all sides with a mad collection of headshots on the back, a green plastic dragon’s head attached to the handle plus a small owl soft toy and some cryptic messages in felt-tipped pen. What does it all mean?

Barra_1It’s a  shame as the road sweeper who owned it wasn’t about (probably having a well deserved mug of builder’s tea and a toasted teacake) or I would’ve congratulated him on his “customised art cart”. We do love a road sweeper’s barrow here at LIYL! P