An aptly priced book bargain

London Free and Dirt Cheap

I found a great bargain in the Holborn Library 20p book sale this week, “London Free and Dirt Cheap” by Joe Fullman (Frommer’s.)

The copy I obtained was an edition from 2007 but I am sure you’ll be able to find an up-to-date version quite cheap (prices from £3 inc p+p on amazon!)

There’s some classic cheap London moments here and loads of stuff we didn’t know about, e.g. Best Free Hidden Gem: The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, lots of cheap eats ideas including somewhere with the great name of Porky’s Pantry (now sadly closed,) free oddities to visit like The London Stone, free music and concert ideas and free tickets to TV shows too.

Go out and get a copy and get ideas for having fun for (next to) nothing! P

Hello skip (and bathing pond)

Kings Cross bathing pond


Did you see that the Kings Cross bathing pond opened this weekend? I took a stroll down there to try my luck but it seems its online booking only and even if they do let you in, I’m sure they’d frown upon someone jumping in just their grundies. Anyway, in addition to this fine outdoor swimming spot, there’s also the Kings Cross Skip Garden to have a look at.

Toms and parsley I can see

Toms and parsley I can see

Lovely herbs

Lovely herbs

Look what they've done with the windows

Look what they’ve done with the windows

It seems they take thrown away stuff and turn it into lovely growing environments. How delightful. W