What have the suits ever done for us?

The menu for August

The menu for August

When August comes, many businesses (I’m guessing as part of their corporate social responsibility or something) sponsor some free stuff around town. This is the first one I’ve seen so far. At Fleet Place they’re putting on a variety of shindigs that you can see above. I’m particularly interested in the Crazy Golf day…and they’re all in the lunchtime too.

This is what Fleet Place looks like

This is what Fleet Place looks like

And on a walk today P and I saw this outside what used to be the King of Diamonds at the bottom of Leather Lane – free ping pong, people! Get your wiffwaffers down there before someone treads on the ball in a drunken stupor. W

Free ping pong for all

Free ping pong for all

Ain’t misbehaving

LSe roll_2On Friday morning I saw a card in the window of the excellent Wright’s bar in Houghton Street where I was treating myself to a takeaway bacon roll (£1.15 how good is that?). The card was advertising for volunteers to do research at the LSE behavioural unit. The money isn’t too great, a Tenner an hour or a Fiver a half but you could spend that after at the excellent LSE canteen or Wrights bar and still have change after filling your stomach! I will probably give it a go when the students are back in the autumn and review it for LIYLH.

One thing which is putting me off though is the disclaimer at the bottom of their webpage:

Respect for people and equipment Participants should treat the BRL facilities including furniture and equipment, with respect. Behaviour that is offensive, disruptive or dangerous to other participants, researchers and staff is unacceptable. 

That doesn’t make your fellow researchees sound too promising does it?  P


You say you want a revolution

On a lunchtime jaunt this week, P and I saw this lovely plaque. It was just by Gray’s Inn, on Warwick Court which is a little pedestrian lane opposite Chancery Lane tube.

Sun Yat Sen

Sun Yat Sen

If you can’t read the writing on the pic, it’s a plaque marking the place where Sun Yat Sen stayed when he was exiled from China. Looks like he chose a nice area…probably had good schools and coffee shops as well. W

What have the kids done to me motor?

wacky motor

I had no idea what was going on with this motor when I walked up an alleyway just off Covent Garden this morning. Thought it was some revenge attack by a jealous partner on a cheating lovers car or some tagging gang gone mental. Turns out it was sort of “crazy” advertising for some new sticky stuff. Blu-tack on steroids indeed. Well whacky, man! P

Down by the river

down by the riverA nice piece from another book lent to us by David Watson. This one’s a Reader’s Digest one of all things from 1973 called Folklore, Myths and Legends of Britain. Well up my street with all sorts of bonkersness associated with this fair isle of ours. From uncountable standing stones, the Cottingley fairies, Armour-clad dead bodies appearing at funerals saying “I’m not ready yet” and a good bit on London in The Gold Paved City, it’s a book worth picking up second-hand. And yes I have watched The Wickerman a few times (as it makes me laugh a lot.) Bonkers! P


Paradise garage

garage by the river

Here’s the contender for the nearest set of “lock-ups” to the Thames. These twin beauties (if you’re into garages with flip-up doors) are next to the Tate Modern and probably connected to The Provost’s Lodging beside them.

What do you reckon is kept in there? The Dean of Southwark’s smart old 60’s car or an old telly with a broken VHS video recorder or a Wieder weight training bench with some 30 pound hex dumbells (an unwanted christmas present, never used), who knows? P

Everything is OK (if you comply to the bylaws)

Please show your support for spiritual entertainer Danny Shine who’s been taken to the courts by Westminster Council on some obscure bylaw stopping his antics in that borough and he’s going to fight them all the way! Good on you Danny, more megaphone madness please! Join him on twitter @megashine P

The very pleasant Mount Pleasant

mount unpleasantHere’s a preview of the new look Mount Pleasant postal sorting office seen last week on a lunchtime walk. It was built on the site of the former Coldbath Fields Prison, and is supposedly haunted and I am sure someone told me once that there are still remains of a part of the prison there (can’t find anything online about that). If you’ve worked there (like I have) the place is also affectionally known as Mount Unpleasant! P

Men in plaque

john harrisonFound this interesting plaque just around the corner from Conway Hall in Red Lion Square (home of piano auctions, the odd Crass gig and out there lectures) on my way to the butchers in Theobalds Road this week. John Harrison came 39th in the BBC’s 2002 public poll of the 100 Greatest Britons so it says on Wikipedia. Sailors would be knackered without him! For more on the many plaques of London click here! P