Life outside the sarnie box

Years ago myself and a mate had what he called, the best lunchtime ever. I beg to differ as even though it was a great lunch hour, it was rather than the best, more like the fullest lunchtime he ever had!

We were working on the Farringdon Rd at the time, left for lunch at 12.55 and managed a whole load of things in the hour. We popped to the bank in Holborn, got his mum a birthday card in WH Smiths, legged it through Leather Lane market at breakneck speed up to the Sandwich Man (23-24, Easton Street, London WC1X 0DS) for a cheap sarnie then on the way back popped into The Penny Black (which is now the posh bar Dollar) for a pint and watched a well oiled postman from Mount Pleasant fall asleep into his pint. When we  got back to work for 2pm we were to say, a little out of breath. It was a bit hard going, fitting it all in but one my mate remembered!

The point of the tale is you CAN do something constructive in such a short space of time (and in a whole lifetime an hour is nothing, man) and it’s time you can used wisely! What follows is some suggestions for doing so. P