Paint the town Red


Last Wednesday lunchtime I watched a couple of blokes painting a post box just the other side of Waterloo Bridge and thought it couldn’t be that bad a job to do on a sunny day. I even had a quick chat with them and they told me the colour of the Red paint they use is officially called “Pillar Box Red.” Remember that fact just in case you might need it in a pub quiz. If you really want to be specific and want to score some extra bonus points it’s also called Royal Mail Red, colour ref no. 538 BS381C and the Black at the bottom is 00E 53, BS4800. I wonder if B&Q would have any of that in stock?

When I asked to take a couple of snaps for this blog, they refused with a polite “no pictures please.” I respected their wishes so here’s the “after” picture (above). Didn’t they do well?

Taking of post boxes, there’s a lovely Penfold Pillar box still in use in Devonshire Road, Forest Hill if you’re ever around that area and like that sort of thing. Being an ex-postman, “that sort of thing” does appeal to me! By the way, what’s your favourite post box? Send your pics to us at

Devonshire road

This talk of mail boxes remind me of a very odd tune I heard on the John Peel show many moons ago. It’s not about pillar boxes but about london buses but it could be…P

If you love Soho and record shops, you’ll love this!

record shop ex

I popped into Berwick Street this lunchtime too see an exhibition called ‘Record shops of Soho from 1946 to 1996.′

If you love record shop paraphernalia and lots of things vinyl-related we at LIYL implore you to go to the exhibition before it’s too late. It’s well worth it and it’s Free!

elton john

It only runs until the 20th April and the venue is at 2 Berwick St, London W1F ODR and open from 10 am to 7pm each day. The exhibition is a joint venture from Museum of Soho and The British Record Shop Archive. If you love London’s music history, you’ll love this! More about when I visited the exhibition hereP

XXXX STOP PRESS XXXX Special all-day event on 18th April at the exhibition in conjunction with the great 6ft Stereo from 11am-6pm. More details here.