Book of the week

haunted london

Haunted London – Peter Underwood – Fontana Books 1973

Thanks to David Watson again for passing this well interesting book onto us at LIYL. This is a great read, it’s old as hell so I’m sure it wouldn’t cost too much second-hand. This has about 4 pages on the Covent Garden ghost, William Terris and includes lots of others including the Man in Grey of Drury Lane, weird goings on at the Elephant and Castle tube station and a bit about the hauntings on Kings on the Rye (formerly The Kings Arms), Peckham which our good mate Marc told us about a long while ago. Worth getting hold of! P.

London city in a microphone style

Heard this track on the replay of this week’s excellent Echo Chamber on KFAI. A big shout to Dr Strangedub and DJ Baby Swiss!

Which reminded me of this youtube our good friend The Rhythm Doctor told us about a few months ago. Big up Rhythm Doc and the No1 platform MC Carl! P.

Breezy bill down the tube

William terris plaque

This morning before work I popped by Covent Garden Tube Station fascinated by what I was told about the ghost of William Terris at the end of last week.

I asked the two chaps on ticket duty if they knew anything about the ghost and if they had ever seen it. One told me a workmate (now sadly deceased) had an experience with Terris while he was on a late shift in the 1970’s.

He was in the mess room one evening enjoying his late lunch of cheese and pickle sarnies when a pale faced man in a cape came flying in through the door in a rush. The caped fellow carried on through the mess room and disappeared down the spiral staircase where the tube worker gave chase (he was brave!) When the LT worker got onto the platform out of breath the guy he was chasing was no longer to be seen and when he asked a lone track worker “where did the bloke in the cape go?” all he got as a reply was “what bloke in a cape, are you mad?”

It is said that William Terris even though killed outside The Adelphi, visits the tube station to go to the bakery that used to exist there. The chap this morning added that Terris was supposedly having an affair with the lady owner. I don’t know if any of it is true or not but a bonkers story indeed. And all of this before 8.30am! P.

Hungry like Hank

poster of the week

Poster of the week found outside the LSE in Houghton Street on Friday. The cheap eaterie on the 4th floor focuses on foods from different worldly locations and the above is the down under variation. There’s no student I-D required to purchase the reasonably priced meals, you just get the lift up to the 4th floor in the main building and look like you are a hungry student who wants to eat! We at liylh still haven’t sampled the fare on offer yet but we have it on good authority that the food is “not bad” and it’s a good price for a worldy feed-up! Send us your cheap eating tips to  P

Big mouth strikes again

my life as a sea fortA big thanks to David Watson for letting us know about the exhibition “Estuary” about The Thames and the mouth of the sea it flows into at the Museum of London at Docklands from 17 May – 27 October 2013. An exhibition that ticks all boxes here as it has a piece from the artist Stephen Turner who lived on the Shivering Sands sea forts in isolation for six weeks (image above of Red Sands sea forts – not unlike Shivering Sands – from a 1969 pirate radio newsletter) amongst other interesting stuff and one you can’t go wrong with as it’s free! P