Mr Sandman, please tell me the truth

Mr Sandman

Walking past Holborn Station today I saw something that really stopped me in my tracks, a sand artist working on a sculpture of a relaxed hound. I had to ask the chap how long it took him (he said seven hours) and also took a photo of it as I was amazed at how good it was and I even parted with 50p!

As soon as I got back to work I couldn’t wait to show my workmates the great sculpture. One looked at the picture and said “That’s funny, it looks just like the dog that a guy sculpts in Chelmsford town centre at the weekend.” Another workmate piped up “That chap was doing the same thing at six o’clock last night outside the station and oddly enough at the same stage, just fiddling around with the dog’s nose with a small paint-brush.”

I’ve only looked on youtube tonight and noticed a few different sand sculptors working on a dog in a similar sort of pose. Please tell me it’s just co-incidental and sand artists love sculpting a hound lying like that.

I’d love to think that this was made through a bit of craftsmanship and not formed from some clever moveable mould. If it is a con, could I get my 50p back through trading and standards or a small claims court? P

All locked up and no place to go

Disused toilet of the week

This Friday lunchtime I was trying to keep cool so I was walking around through shady alleyways and shops with air conditioning but it was while I was walking underneath some scaffolding I came across this very odd disused loo in Star Yard.

It’s just off Chancery Lane and not far from Lincoln’s Inn Fields, hidden at the present moment under a load of building work. It’s made from cast iron and designed in a classic Parisian Pissoir style, how swish!

The trouble is, it’s been locked up for years, so it’s no good for anyone who’s been caught short. Below is the loo in it’s former glory, how stylish!

The loo in better days

What’s happening

It's art and it's free

It’s art and it’s free

So there’s a summer ‘happening’ going on at the Barbican at the moment. In collaboration with The Vinyl Factory, Doug Aitken’s project includesvinyl records being pressed, immersive yurt installations and a new interactive digital laser commission in the Curve. Plenty of free art stuff for all, including (down by the banks of the lake) a sound bath type installation. I declined to enter as it’s 30 degrees outside and I couldn’t handle being inside. If you have a higher tolerance for heat than I, get down there – but don’t forget to take your shoes off first.

The description of a sound bath tent

The description of a sound bath tent

Have a look here to find out more information. W