About London in your lunch hour

This blog is about making the most of your lunch hour (that most bosses don’t pay you for by the way!) or any times of the day you feel you need to get out and about in this city of ours. Even in the most demanding job you must get a least a couple of hours a week to get out any fewer hours than that, we’d suggest getting a new job!

London in your lunch hour is specifically aimed for the capital but the sentiments could apply almost anywhere; get out there and make the most of your hour/day! People in the past have fought to get you an break for lunch, so use it!

There’s loads you can do from sitting in a park reading a book if the weather’s nice (don’t think you’d look strange as people who sit inside an office during lunchtime on a sunny day ain’t exactly the full shilling.) Pop into your library, learn a new skill by taking a lunchtime course or visit any of the many museums, churches and the like the city has to offer.

We encourage you to send in any suggestions of where to go, or what to do, the cheaper the better and in these skint times, free is best of all! P

About the authors
This blog is written by Will and Pete.
Will enjoys the free giveaways in food markets and going to the Tate when they had the big slides in the turbine hall.
Pete enjoys playing ‘spot the snorer’ in local libraries, searching through second hand shops searching for old scratched reggae singles and eating his lunch “on the hoof” giving himself indigestion into the bargain.

Despite their common interest, Will and Pete have never been seen in the same room together (much).

2 thoughts on “About London in your lunch hour

  1. Hi, I love your blog – have you ever thought about a book? I’m a literary agent and would love to have a chat. I’m only round the corner! Will you let me know if I can buy you both a coffee?
    All best,

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