Unscheduled stop

Look at it, tucked away

Look at it, tucked away

On my way back from Boots, I popped into this little chapel tucked away on Ely Place – which is a private road off Charterhouse complete with a fella who lets cars in and out. As with all these sorts of places, you always feel as if you’re trespassing but I put my head down and carried on regardless. I was rewarded with a little look in this chapel. It was very empty with just some votive candles to add to the atmosphere. Much like many churches in the City, the thick walls insulate you so much from the outside that it’s deafeningly quiet when you get in. And blummin’ cold.

I got to have a real look round and saw some nice stained glass (modern restorations of windows blown out in the blitz apparently). I also got to surprise some builder types who were fannying around in the crypt. So that was good.

It's well empty

It’s well empty

Bit o' stained glass

Bit o’ stained glass

Just remember, look like you deserve to be there and people leave you alone – either that or they don’t care either way. W