The winner takes it all

caption comp

Here’s a first from Liylh, a competition and a chance to win a copy of Andrew Weatherall’s new CD Covenanza. All you have to do is think up a witty caption to the picture above captured this week on a lunchtime jaunt in Farringdon Rd.

Leave a comment to this post with your caption and an contact email address (which we won’t publish) and we will let the winner know as soon as, after the closing date of 1st April.

Good luck and remember “you have to be in it to win it” etc. P

Searching for that short cut

hen and chick 3

This morning I was late for work and trying to find a cut-through from Fleet Street to Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Walking through one of the alleys I found this dead end called Hen & Chicken Court. It hasn’t much in it apart from a nice carved stone on the floor on the way in, a couple of fire exits and a single door at the end.

Hen and chick 2

But legend has it, beside this alley is the site of Sweeney Todd’s notorious barber shop. Not your average back alley then! P

Into the trees

Lincoln's inn netting

On a late lunchtime stroll the other day I saw these two massive trees being busily wrapped up by construction crews in Lincoln’s Inn and wondered what was going on. Was it some crazy art project? Protection against a forthcoming nuclear war perhaps?

I had to ask the uniformed gateman on my way out, “Why the plastic netting?” as I pointed to the trees. He replied “Well, they’re in the process of redeveloping the area and the trees are sadly coming down next month” “and we don’t want any rare whatisname’s nesting in the trees and delaying the chainsaws, do we?” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. P