There’s no such thing as a free lunch (hour)!


Free food samples, they’re all the rage now! One afternoon on my way to meet W, walking down Holborn I had a third of a cornish pasty thrust into my hand (of course I didn’t refuse!) and then when I reached Leather Lane I had a combination of; a falafel, a mini cup of soup, a single nacho dipped into some hot sauce, a sliver of meat pie then to top it all, a piece of chocolate fudge brownie from a posh cake stall, all for nowt! So do take a walk down Leather Lane one lunch hour and see what you can pick up on your travels but don’t blame me if you feel sick when you get back to work (which I did)!

Marc gooderhamAlso yesterday it was great to hear our old mate Marc Gooderham on the Robert Elms show talking about his work and the show it’s presently featured in. It’s an exhibition of East End paintings called ‘Now & Then’ – The East End seen through artists’ eyes from 1930 to present featuring work by the original East London Group. Go and have a look one lunchtime before it closes!

Now & Then
November 28th – December 8th 2013.
5 Fournier Street, Spitalfields,
London, E1 6QE

Play to the gallery

The door to art

The door to art

Another lunchtime, another wander that led me to an interesting spot.

Aimlessly letting my feet take me where they would while catching up with Mrs. W on the phone, I found myself at London Guildhall.

Guildhall Art Gallery

The gallery had all its plumage out, so I thought it might be worth a gander. Turns out the exhibition was £7 to get into but the rest of it was absolutely free. Which I like.

Pictures of Lily...and other women

Pictures of Lily…and other women

I and one other had the gallery completely to ourselves (bar the security). No-one batted an eyelid as I took some photos to pad out the blog with and the paintings were quite amazing (check out the Rosetti above). Admittedly I only saw one room, but the quality of the pictures meant that I stood in front of one wall for about half an hour.

Slaves being slaved

Slaves being slaved

Check out this one above. It was like a Where’s Wally picture, there’s so much to see.

Exodus..movement of the slaves

Exodus..movement of the slaves

This description only made me think of the Qatar World Cup bid for some reason.

So if you’re out and about and not sure where to go, follow your feet to your nearest art gallery. There’s more than you think dotted around the City and it’ll get you away from your desk for an hour…maybe more if you’re sneaky. W

Not strictly (lunchhour)

LSE Supper clubOn a lunchtime stroll today around by the LSE, I noticed the above poster for the new “Supper Menu” they are featuring at their 4th Floor Restaurant from 3.30-7pm. W and I have sampled the grub there and we can say it’s not bad for the price especially for this fair city of ours!

Rowan Chernin weatherall

After seeing that, I bumped into a mate from years ago Rowan Chernin of the great Chairman of the board blog, who told me about his latest film-making adventures. Click here for his latest featuring the great Andrew Weatherall. Very interesting stuff!

Big up those lunchtime walks for getting out, clearing the mind, buying cheap loo roll from Superdrug and for bumping into people you ain’t seen for years! P

(Library) book of the week

Haunted London_2

Haunted London – James Clark – Tempus

Another great book about haunted London found in the library this week. It does go over old ground (I mean there’s only so many ghosts in this fair city!) but goes into more depth then the others I’ve read.

Some of the classics ghosts are here, the attempted suicide of Waterloo Bridge thwarted by a policeman (who was warned minutes earlier by the “ghost” of the victim), the naked man who jumps in the Thames near Cleopatras needle but never reaches the water, the “man in grey” at The Theatre Royal and something “malign and sinister” which slithers across the top of the old wall (which W has featured in an earlier post) at the bottom of Amen Corner.

I’m afraid to say there is no mention of the great William Terris who haunted Covent Garden tube station years ago and someone I have grown fond of while writing this blog but it’s a minor point.

The image in the book that haunts me the most is the ghost of Joseph Grimaldi which puts me in mind of a very sad Martin Degville of Sigue Sigue Sputnick.

a sad sigue sigue sputnick

I will let you into a secret though. I love reading about ghosts, ghouls and spectres especially the London-centric ones but I’ll be the first “on me toes” if I was ever to encounter one! P

Hidden away

Pews pews everywhere

Pews pews everywhere

A little tucked away (you actually have to walk into St. Bart’s hospital to get to the front door) is the church of St. Bartholemew the Less. Small, quiet and quaint, it’s a mix of beautiful craftsmanship – carved pews, stained glass windows – and strange paraphernalia. A kettle with no flex sits forlornly in a corner…

The church kettle..but how is it powered with no flex?

The church kettle..but how is it powered with no flex?

…the parish newsletters pinned to the board tell you that they also have catholic services but have no priest at the moment. arty

Ooh..arty pic

There’s also a large rubbing of what I think is a gravestone or a tomb but has no explanation attached to it. And at the back lies an open book where people can write names to be included in the church’s prayers – something that brought a tear to my eye I don’t mind telling you. So if you want a bit of peace and quiet, why not have a look? W