Hands off me fruit!

Apple tree 4Now here’s something mad, an apple tree in Dean Street, Soho? Noooooo, it can’t be. Oh yes it is!

Walking down Dean Street on a pre-xmas gift shop I passed this wonderful apple tree (complete with red fruit on it in mid-December!)

Attached to the fence outside the house, information about the tree starts with the words “First keep your hands off my apple tree which has taken taken 15 years to grow.” Brilliant!

It’s well worth a look. And for god’s sake don’t even think of “scrumping!” P

Apple Tree_1

Gonna see the river man

Canal boat

life on the river

This is the sight that greeted me as I walked along Paddington Basin the other week. Amongst the gleaming high rise office towers and corporate drinking dens, there’s a part of London that still sticks to a bygone age. Coal fires. Emptying a latrine. All that good stuff. I spoke to the owner of one of the boats as I passed.

“How long you been here, mate?”

“Oh, about eight days. Can’t stay longer than two weeks though”

“Where you off to next?”

“Back up to Birmingham.”

“And how long’ll that take you”

“Ooh..about a couple of months”

What a life. One night you’re in the middle of a metropolis, the next you could be on the banks of  an unlit field in Hertfordshire. Makes you think anyway. W