Be sociable and get out!

it's not the odeon

You think you know what’s going on in London but there’s so much mad stuff hidden away. The other lunchtime whilst in Holborn Library I had a look through the leaflets on the wall, which is always a good way of finding the more off-the-wall lunchtime activities. Here’s one for the weekend at a place called the “London Socialist Film Co-Op” at Bolivar Hall, 54 Grafton Way, London, W1T 5DL (Warren Street/Euston). Screenings are on the second Sunday of every month and cost a tenner for two films and a discussion after. Sounds good stuff, but can you sneak in your own sweets and popcorn? P

Getting oot and aboot

Isn't it beautiful?

Isn’t it beautiful?

“Oh that W is always on about bikes”

“Cycling, cycling?..Oh for ‘eaven’s sake”

I know. I know…but on a lovely day, there really is no better way to see the city. And yesterday, feeling like it might be the last time I’d be able to feel the warmth of the sunshine, I thought I’d see if it was possible to get from St. Paul’s to Battersea Park in a lunchtime. You know what? It only blummin’ was. Down to Embankment and over Westminster Bridge, and I was in the park and cycling about within 20 minutes. A quick whizz round the lake and I was back in time to eat my apple as well.

Check it out…I’ve never been to Battersea Park before and had no idea there was a pagoda thingie there. Love it.

A buddha in suburbia

A buddha in suburbia

And what’s not to like about green spaces and lovely views of the river.

I like the boats

I like the boats

You can see the city from 'ere

You can see the city from ‘ere

And I even had time to snap someone getting ready to film outside the HP building.

Bit of filming going on

Bit of filming going on

So my advice is check the weather, and if the rain’s staying off – get out. You can see a lot more than you think.


Are friends electric?

oi oi savoy!

I was walking around the back of The Strand down Carting Lane the other lunchtime on a mission to watch council gardeners skiving in Embankment Gardens (they were all sadly, hard at work!) But on the way there, I did notice this Green plaque on the side of The Savoy Theatre. Turns out it was the first public building in the world to be lit throughout by electricity. Well I never! P

You can’t always get what you want

It's got everything you want

It’s got everything you want

On the stroll today, I saw this shop tucked away in the Barbican right next to the hairdressers charmingly called “Cissors Palace”. This ‘Shop’, although closed today, seemed to have everything you want. If you want compost, lavender plants, udon noodles, and muesli. You can’t argue with tea for £1.20 and coffee for £1.80 though. Just don’t try and get it on a Monday. W

A nice bit of Brass(o)



The other lunchtime while walking past The Lyceum I looked up and noticed the lovely sign on top of the place sparkling in the mid-day sun. What do you think they use to clean it with? Some sort of chemical cleaner or good old Brasso applied on tons of yellow cloths (aka dusters)? If anyone knows please let us know. Whatever it is, it’s looking good! P

Messing about on the canal

That green barge sells coffee and sandwiches, you know

That green barge sells coffee and sandwiches, you know

I know it’s quite far from the city centre, but the Regent’s Canal is really great place to get away from the city bustle. It’s a strange mish mash of alternative living, artsy types and million pound apartments. I popped down to there this week for a jog. I actually went last week as well and saw a heron but sadly didn’t have my camera (again!) I started at the Angel Islington end and worked my way down to Haggerstown. On my way I saw a barge that sells sandwiches, people doing that thing on the locks where the water goes up and down, dog walkers, runners, cyclists and council workman smoking. If you can get down there, and you need a bit of peace and quiet, I can thoroughly recommend it. W

There's lots more where these came from

There’s lots more where these came from

Let me take you higher!

Matt Smith was the best Doctor Who

Matt Smith was the best Doctor Who

Wandering through Lincoln’s Inn Fields this lunchtime I saw the ultimate in “in-park keep-fit.”

A personal trainer had only attached an elastic tightrope between two young trees ten foot apart and around three feet high off the ground. He was bouncing on and off it doing tricks in front of his client as the trees began to bend and creak. He twanged (not good english but a word that describes his action well) off the elastic from a sitting position onto the grass then jumped back on, landing on his feet. Bizarre!

I reckoned that the parkies would have thrown him out straight away but when I walked back an hour later he was still there. What would you call this latest Park keep-fit craze?  “Bounce-ercise” or “Twang-ercise”, I really don’t know. Beats Rave-ercise anyday! P