How big is the cat then?

hound of the baskervilles

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve passed this strange sight a few times while walking through Clifford’s Inn from Fleet Street.  It looks like one of those plastic boxes you bring your cat to the vet in but there’s no handle on the top and it’s very very large (you’ll never get this on the bus!) Any ideas? Is it the second home of the Black Dog of Newgate perhaps? Whatever it is, we at LIYLH would love to know! P

Into the trees

Lincoln's inn netting

On a late lunchtime stroll the other day I saw these two massive trees being busily wrapped up by construction crews in Lincoln’s Inn and wondered what was going on. Was it some crazy art project? Protection against a forthcoming nuclear war perhaps?

I had to ask the uniformed gateman on my way out, “Why the plastic netting?” as I pointed to the trees. He replied “Well, they’re in the process of redeveloping the area and the trees are sadly coming down next month” “and we don’t want any rare whatisname’s nesting in the trees and delaying the chainsaws, do we?” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. P

Hello skip (and bathing pond)

Kings Cross bathing pond


Did you see that the Kings Cross bathing pond opened this weekend? I took a stroll down there to try my luck but it seems its online booking only and even if they do let you in, I’m sure they’d frown upon someone jumping in just their grundies. Anyway, in addition to this fine outdoor swimming spot, there’s also the Kings Cross Skip Garden to have a look at.

Toms and parsley I can see

Toms and parsley I can see

Lovely herbs

Lovely herbs

Look what they've done with the windows

Look what they’ve done with the windows

It seems they take thrown away stuff and turn it into lovely growing environments. How delightful. W