What a lunchtime walk can bring

Might be some free drinks on offer

Might be some free drinks on offer

First things first, a heads up to say that Clerkenwell Design week is next week. This…erm..design event sees lots of crafty types descend on EC1 and show their beards, tattoos, 50’s skirts and general artiness to the general public. It’s free to get in and well worth a look.

I saw this sign on a meander through the streets of Clerkenwell in search of shelving brackets, eventually finding them in Leather Lane market. This aimless traipse also saw me go into the lovely Museum of the order of St. John.

This is where it's at

This is where it’s at

Sitting at the North End of St. John’s Lane, it’s literally a 2 minute walk from where I worked for about 5 years. I never went in. There always seemed to be a burly man at the door and it really didn’t look that inviting.

Since then, they’ve jettisoned the bouncer and have a nice welcoming lady (accompanied by a man who looks “a bit ‘andy” himself but isn’t actively deterring entry). Inside is a really nice museum telling you all about the history of the Order, leading to its place in present society with the St. John Ambulance.

I only had about 10 minutes to meander round but will be returning to get a full gander, especially as a very helpful guide, Paul, offered to talk me through the Order’s history in Malta for nothing.

I most liked a big plaque detailing the annual winners of the Order’s medal – the Slot Meter Department distinguishing themselves on countless occasions.

1929 - Won by Slot Meter Department..Where are they now?

1929 – Won by Slot Meter Department..Where are they now?

Slot meter department again

Slot meter department again

So, in conclusion..have a look. They’ve also got some free events held there that looked interesting – a creative writing course caught my eye – and are quite quaintly pinned to a notice board outside.

Things to do at St John's

Things to do at St John’s

Get in..don’t forget to sign up for Design Week an’ all. W



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