There’s more to life than lunchtime shopping (or is there?)

I’ve been neglecting my writing duties at LIYL of late due to life getting in the way and never ending trips to the supermarket come lunchtime.

capital salon

Though not in a lunch hour, the good folks at Antique Beat (who are related to the brilliant x-ray audio exhibition we covered a few months back here) have some very interesting things going on, especially their monthly talks in the westminster arts library under the banner of salon for the City.

It’s a very intimate series of events which are around great london-related content held in a reference library with a free gin cocktail and cups of tea for everyone, in some nicely designed crockery too!

We visited the counter culture event last week on a flying visit and it was a sit down affair with about 40+ people and that was with extra seating, as the talk was so popular. So be warned, as it’s a such a small do, tickets I imagine go very quickly so if you’re interested do put your name down on their mailing list at info(at)

Also from Antique Beat is the brilliant 32 Londoners which takes place on the London Eye in the summer. It features 32 talks on famous Londoners which last year the subjects included Thomas Becket, David Bowie, Michael Faraday and those Kray twins.

All the above mentioned events are all tied in with The Clerkenwell Kid (who like ourselves likes a bit of London) who records with The Real Tuesday Weld and their music goes a little something like this…

As Shaw Taylor used to say “Keep em Peeled!” P