Love summer (even if the sun ain’t shining!)

Love charing cross rd

We may not have had much sunshine this week but it is summer and there’s a fair few things going on. As part of the Love Charing Cross Road Festival there’s some free events, one at Charing Cross Library on Sunday 23rd June that caught our eye, a talk called Brilliant Britain with Jane Peyton (from The School of Booze). Researched in the history of the sacred brew, Jane can tell you what Cleopatra or Jane Austin imbibed and is also the founder of Operalicious who arrange events where they serve food & drink which is themed according to what opera is featured which is also complemented by a professional opera singer. I reckon if that is anything to go by, this talk will be well worth attending!

Just around the corner on Wednesday 3rd July (just after 1pm) at the Crown Church of Scotland, Covent Garden there’s a bit of an mad one called “Latin American music for Oboe and Cello.”  As it’s says on their website: “guaranteed to get your toes tapping!” That’s got to be alright then!

Moody boy

And on a final note, on Wednesday night I passed a cheery guide giving a tour around Smithfields. Turns out she was from Most Curious Tours and was showing a couple of visitors The Golden Boy of Pye Corner on Cock Lane (they looked very happy too, laughing at the commentary and shouted to me “this tour is great!”).  It’s funny as the week previous I got a rebuff off a guide from another company (a bloke in a suit and tie in his 60’s) at the same location. When I asked could I eavesdrop just for a minute as I was interested in hearing about the golden (ball) boy, he replied “No, go away, this is a private tour!” Blimmin’ jobsworth! P