Singing their hearts out for Mr Wren


On the way home from work tonight I bumped into a friend Mark, who told me that the choir he sings in, will be performing next Saturday (27th June 2015) in the Wren Choral Marathon.

“The Wren Choral Marathon, what’s that?” I hear you cry. Well, it’s an event comprising of a series of concerts by 17 different choirs in 17 Wren churches in a single day, starting at 8am at St Michael, Cornhill and finishing with a late one at St Stephens, Walbrook. How good is that if you like a bit of singing?

There’s even a bonus for the choir listening hardcore who make it to all 17 concerts, a chance to be added in a draw for a super special prize.

Sounds like a different way of spending a Saturday, seeing some great architecture while listening to some quality choirs. And furthermore it’s Free! More details here. P