Saturday daytime stylee

Bring Da noise

Thanks to our friend Ache DellandTrace for letting us know about a great family day out from Bring The Noise this Saturday August 22nd at the South Bank.

There’s DJ’s from 12 noon-11pm including Flowerz, Monkey, Huw72, Dell (Vinyl Bunnies), Simon Kurrage and Alex Turnbull from Ronin records/23 Skidoo. And for the kids (big and small) there’s design your own T-shirt and badges, photography, art and all sorts. There’s even a break dancer (Tim Hamilton) teaching dance moves. How good is that? And do you know what, it’s FREE!

It’s at The Southbank Centre Festival Village,
Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX
Just below The Queen Elizabeth Hall


All locked up and no place to go

Disused toilet of the week

This Friday lunchtime I was trying to keep cool so I was walking around through shady alleyways and shops with air conditioning but it was while I was walking underneath some scaffolding I came across this very odd disused loo in Star Yard.

It’s just off Chancery Lane and not far from Lincoln’s Inn Fields, hidden at the present moment under a load of building work. It’s made from cast iron and designed in a classic Parisian Pissoir style, how swish!

The trouble is, it’s been locked up for years, so it’s no good for anyone who’s been caught short. Below is the loo in it’s former glory, how stylish!

The loo in better days

Not strictly lunchhour but free…


Here’s news of a great free event at LimeWharf this Friday.

It’s an early session of funk, disco and reggae from 6-9pm and we do love anything that’s free!
7th November 2014 
at LimeWharf,
Vyner Street,
E2 9DJ

And features
The Rhythm Doctor from Tallinn, Estonia
One Deck Pete from Weeds up to me knees
Plus Hayereyah on the mike and harmonica.

This looks like a great early night out! P

Big mouth strikes again

my life as a sea fortA big thanks to David Watson for letting us know about the exhibition “Estuary” about The Thames and the mouth of the sea it flows into at the Museum of London at Docklands from 17 May – 27 October 2013. An exhibition that ticks all boxes here as it has a piece from the artist Stephen Turner who lived on the Shivering Sands sea forts in isolation for six weeks (image above of Red Sands sea forts – not unlike Shivering Sands – from a 1969 pirate radio newsletter) amongst other interesting stuff and one you can’t go wrong with as it’s free! P

Lines on a toilet wall, Farringdon

“A different city with the sun on it,
Office buildings shudder, vomit

and purge themselves at 12.30

of worker, blinking, tired, dirty

To find a patch of sun striped space

to breath, and sigh and warm his face

simply relax, perhaps 40 winks

head sinks, eyes closed, he sits and thinks

Hour’s up.

So cleaning fingers, mayo’d thumbs

of swift, crammed sandwich, hasty crumbs

Reshoe, recentre, resteel the brain

reenter the belly of the beast again.”

Richard T Fennerman


Money for nothing and the loo’s for free

No 1. in a very very short series!
Lincolns Inn Fields, London. A classic “cottage” type, one attendant for both male and female toilets, hot and cold running water and electric hand drying facilities. Free.

to pee or not to pee? Has anyone else noticed a decline in free public loo’s in the capital? Years ago Gary Clail had a tune called “privitise the air”, little did he know then that things were going to get worse. A good tip: don’t be caught short without a quid in change in your pocket! A pee’d off P

Know of any more free public loo’s? Send us your suggestions and if we get enough we’ll compile a list!