Float, float on

Today I spent elevenses in a dentist’s chair at Guys Hospital Dental Department having a tooth yanked out. On the way back to work around midday full of Co-codomol, I walked via the Millennium Bridge. I was hoping to have a word with the artist Ben Wilson aka “The Chewing Gum Man” who I saw earlier on the way to Guy’s, creating artworks on old bits of chewing gum stuck to the walkway of the bridge. More on him here.

Flotilla_2That was all forgotten about when I saw these two older ladies in union jack hats perched on camping chairs looking towards Tower Bridge with about thirty other people obviously waiting for something.


Within a couple of minutes, there were the sound of rave type airhorn’s and a flotilla of boats was coming towards us.


The best one looked liked a hybrid of a posh Chinese restaurant with a rowing boat stuck to the front, with what looked liked a gang of well-dressed polo players rowing hell for leather. The boat was full of VIP’s who waved to the assembled crowd who cheered back enthusiastically waving mini-union jacks. Following that was a water tender that soaked the crowd with a couple of high jets which no-one complained about even though it was a cold day!

This event that I’d stumbled on by chance, marked the day Queen Elizabeth became Britain’s longest-reigning monarch (and the day I finally had that painful back tooth taken out!) P


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