Stopped in my tracks by a Mod scooter (or two)


Last week whilst on my travels to find a very cheap all-day breakfast on the south side of Waterloo Bridge, I was stopped in my tracks. There was a transporter parked on the bridge with a couple of classic cars and some mod scooters without number plates on them.


What was it all about? Was it anything to do with The Jam exhibition that was at Somerset House recently (Paul Weller’s Cuban car and Mod scooter collection?) or was it off a set of a 1960’s James Bond type spy thriller?


Anyway I digress, my mission (if I decide to take it, that is) is to carry on and find that elusive “£4 full english, with tea and 2 toast and 2 fat sausages”. It’s supposedly served up in a legendary greasy spoon in one of the side-roads opposite Waterloo Station I was told by one of my informants. You will be updated with the details as and when. P


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