The joy of repetition

Chill out - there's loads of room

Chill out – there’s loads of room

I pretty much run the same route every week. Normally I go up to Vauxhall Bridge and back. My mind is usually just concentrating on not coughing up my guts but as the sun begins to shine a bit more, I find myself looking around and noticing the good things about London. Like the glut of unused green spaces there seem to be. Places where you can eat a sandwich in peace and watch the world go by. In this very busy city I like to find the little nooks and crannies where people don’ t tend to congregate (for whatever reason). One of these places I ran through yesterday. It’s right by the Palace of Westminster, at Victoria Tower Gardens.

Sure, sometimes it might have a school party in but generally, people don’t tend to walk West past Westminster (you’ll also find it’s very quiet on the opposite bank of the river). So if you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy more than a postage stamp of grass in the sunshine, I thoroughly recommend it – there’s even boris bike stands nearby if you’re looking for that sort of action. And if you have nippers in tow, there’s a little park that I’ve only ever seen being used in the school holidays. Worth a look anyway. W

Cracking slide

Cracking slide

Have a go on the swings

Have a go on the swings



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