Welcome to Waterloo

Man CutThe other morning due to a diversion on my journey to work (thanks to engineering works at London Bridge) I noticed this great sign (above) opposite Waterloo train station, just down from Alaska Street.

Coronation StreetI was so intrigued, that on the lunchtime I went on the look out for the Russian hairdressers (I don’t have much barnet left so a “man cut” was out the question.) I didn’t find the hairdressers but I did find a brand new world (to me anyway) around Cornwall Road, Waterloo. There’s a posh cake shop, a smart old school looking Pub (The White Hart) and a derelict social club from years gone by.

Cake Emergency

Social club ghost

Take a stroll around Waterloo one lunchtime and you’ll be well surprised! P

*Talking of Alaska Street. The street is home to the famous Alaska Studios where this classic below from 1981 was recorded.

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