Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner

looking good

looking good

This wasn’t done in a lunchtime. Yesterday was the Pearly Kings and Queens festival at the Guildhall so my family and I traipsed up to London to see this celebration of our shared history.

there's loads of 'em

there’s loads of ’em

from moiiile aiiind

from moiiile aiiind

As well as the Kings and Queens, there were morris men, a marching band, donkeys and a harvest festival that would have made your heart soar.

Not a pearly man..just dressed as a victorian baby

Not a pearly man..just a morris man dressed as a victorian baby

None of the usual stuff you see on display at the infant school donations..these were all dolled up with cellophane and carried in a cart behind the aforementioned donkeys. We also got to sing old time musical songs in the open air, which is always nice. Look out for it next year. Take a packed lunch though, cos there aren’t a lot of places open to eat in the City on a Sunday. W


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