All along the watchtower

Danny shine again

This lunchtime on a quick jaunt to Oxford Street to pick up something for my wife in John Lewis, I heard a familiar megaphoned voice behind a crowd of people outside a McDonalds near there.

It was the great Danny Shine who we’ve featured a few times on the blog (the first appearance in LIYL was here) and it looked like he was in the process of being moved on by the police (or somebody in a uniform.) He was wearing a brilliant t shirt along the lines of “no matter how many times you jog, in the end you will still die” or words to that effect.

On the way back to work from John Lewis I passed Danny again on the railings of Oxford Street tube, behind the Jehoviah’s Witness’ who didn’t bat an eyelid as Danny showed his appreciation of their organisation and also of the very informative London Evening Standard as the paper vendor looked on bemused.

Great stuff Danny, you made us smile yet again and I wish I could have stayed for longer! P


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