Book of the week

john rodgersThanks to David Watson yet again for loaning me a brilliant book about a series of walks in this fair city of ours. It’s not the usual fare either!

Any book that has on the back cover “nursing a dodgy left knee and a can of Stella he (John Rogers) perambulates through the seasons in search of adventure in our city’s remote and forgotten regions” is alright by me!

There’s some brilliant info in here and loads that I’ve never heard about before either.

Did you know Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket” was filmed in Beckton and some of the palm trees planted there to give the impression that it really was filmed in Vietnam are still growing now? Also that Spike Milligan lived just off Brockley Rise? Merlin’s cave is rumoured to be off the Pentonville Road? No, nor did I!

A brilliant book, that’ll make you smile and make you think. The writer is partial to a vegetable Samosa and after reading the book you will be too. It’s a mine of information about this city we live in that’ll you’d never get in other books and highly recommended.

David got his copy in Book Warehouse  in Southampton Row for £5, what a bargain! It’s available just as cheap at Amazon too! P


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