One more week to see this

Screens and screens and screens

Screens and screens and screens

If you’re Barbican way, it’s worth popping in to see the Digital Revolution exhibition – which is on until the 14th September. That is, if you like seeing old consoles that you used to own and a load of crazy art installations that will blow your tiny mind.

My favourite was one where you whispered into a little cone, a screen recognised your words and then turned it into a beautiful butterfly that fluttered off. There were some other crackers too, like this little doozy



Depending on where you stood, your silhouette was either turned into a flock of birds, pecked apart by birds or given wings so you could be a bird. Very mental.

Elsewhere, they had an installation that was a collaboration with Will.I.Am…which you might want to give a miss if seeing the big man’s face as a pharoah isn’t really your thing.

Ooh futuristic music

Ooh futuristic music

There’s loads of interesting stuff though, and even if you don’t go in (at £12.50 for a full price ticket, it’s a bit steep) there’s a great little installation in the foyer that the kids will love. W

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