#Won’t it go mouldy though?

bedford square

This mad installation was spotted on a walk through Bedford Square last week. It looks bonkers, there’s ferns growing at the bottom and there’s even water streaming off it. Won’t it go mouldy though, or is that the point? Here’s the blurb:

“Rainforest is a public pavilion by Chilean-German architecture practice GUN Architects, installed in London’s Bedford Square during the Summer of 2014. An imposing five metre high micro-climate of minimal tree-like structures with a field of pyramidal fabric ‘stalactites’ which gently drip water – the pavilion is an oasis in the centre of London. Visitors can sit beneath a canopy of inverted prisms to enjoy a forest-like environment of raindrops, pools and plants.”

More info on it here. There’s been some choice tweets about it like #eyesore, #whocutupmyinterviewshirt and #make it go away. Me I’m not bothered, I won’t be the one that’ll be bringing it down the laundrette after it’s been out in the sun and the rain all summer. P

*** We’ve just found out the square is having an open day this weekend 14th/15th June, more info here. There’s a Victorian stumpery, a large variety of herbaceous plants and there’s even a beehive. And not forgetting some mouldy bits of sheeting out in the street where you can eat your sarnies while dying to go to the loo (with the sound of all that running water going on)…***

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