Going underground

Looks like the Krypton Factor

Looks like the Krypton Factor

There’s a roman amphitheatre underneath the gallery at the Guildhall gallery. Not many people seem to know it’s there. Which may be a good thing considering what a weird journey you have to undergo to get down there. It’s in the basement and is only accessible by a very shaky lift which brings you out into a darkened corridor. There is no-one around and a small arrow directs you to where you need to go. So go ahead – follow the creepy corridor round a couple of corners and, if it makes you feel better, why not call out “hello?…hellooo?” as I did. You won’t get an answer. Because there’s no-one there. Before you get too much of the willies, you get to a large room done out like a Tron backdrop. I didn’t really investigate as a) I was short of time and b) wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible.

Where is everybody?

Where is everybody?

So if you’ve got some time to kill on a lunchbreak, have a look for yourself. Take a friend though. W


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