There’s no such thing as a free lunch (hour)!


Free food samples, they’re all the rage now! One afternoon on my way to meet W, walking down Holborn I had a third of a cornish pasty thrust into my hand (of course I didn’t refuse!) and then when I reached Leather Lane I had a combination of; a falafel, a mini cup of soup, a single nacho dipped into some hot sauce, a sliver of meat pie then to top it all, a piece of chocolate fudge brownie from a posh cake stall, all for nowt! So do take a walk down Leather Lane one lunch hour and see what you can pick up on your travels but don’t blame me if you feel sick when you get back to work (which I did)!

Marc gooderhamAlso yesterday it was great to hear our old mate Marc Gooderham on the Robert Elms show talking about his work and the show it’s presently featured in. It’s an exhibition of East End paintings called ‘Now & Then’ – The East End seen through artists’ eyes from 1930 to present featuring work by the original East London Group. Go and have a look one lunchtime before it closes!

Now & Then
November 28th – December 8th 2013.
5 Fournier Street, Spitalfields,
London, E1 6QE


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