Play to the gallery

The door to art

The door to art

Another lunchtime, another wander that led me to an interesting spot.

Aimlessly letting my feet take me where they would while catching up with Mrs. W on the phone, I found myself at London Guildhall.

Guildhall Art Gallery

The gallery had all its plumage out, so I thought it might be worth a gander. Turns out the exhibition was £7 to get into but the rest of it was absolutely free. Which I like.

Pictures of Lily...and other women

Pictures of Lily…and other women

I and one other had the gallery completely to ourselves (bar the security). No-one batted an eyelid as I took some photos to pad out the blog with and the paintings were quite amazing (check out the Rosetti above). Admittedly I only saw one room, but the quality of the pictures meant that I stood in front of one wall for about half an hour.

Slaves being slaved

Slaves being slaved

Check out this one above. It was like a Where’s Wally picture, there’s so much to see.

Exodus..movement of the slaves

Exodus..movement of the slaves

This description only made me think of the Qatar World Cup bid for some reason.

So if you’re out and about and not sure where to go, follow your feet to your nearest art gallery. There’s more than you think dotted around the City and it’ll get you away from your desk for an hour…maybe more if you’re sneaky. W


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