(Library) book of the week

Haunted London_2

Haunted London – James Clark – Tempus

Another great book about haunted London found in the library this week. It does go over old ground (I mean there’s only so many ghosts in this fair city!) but goes into more depth then the others I’ve read.

Some of the classics ghosts are here, the attempted suicide of Waterloo Bridge thwarted by a policeman (who was warned minutes earlier by the “ghost” of the victim), the naked man who jumps in the Thames near Cleopatras needle but never reaches the water, the “man in grey” at The Theatre Royal and something “malign and sinister” which slithers across the top of the old wall (which W has featured in an earlier post) at the bottom of Amen Corner.

I’m afraid to say there is no mention of the great William Terris who haunted Covent Garden tube station years ago and someone I have grown fond of while writing this blog but it’s a minor point.

The image in the book that haunts me the most is the ghost of Joseph Grimaldi which puts me in mind of a very sad Martin Degville of Sigue Sigue Sputnick.

a sad sigue sigue sputnick

I will let you into a secret though. I love reading about ghosts, ghouls and spectres especially the London-centric ones but I’ll be the first “on me toes” if I was ever to encounter one! P


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