Clash from chaos


Until the 22nd September there’s an exhibition and pop up store (very punk I don’t think) celebrating the work of The Clash at 75 Berwick Street, Soho and it’s all for free!

Forget the constantly ringing cash-tills upstairs and head down to the basement for some punk nostalgia if you’re interested in that sort of stuff. There’s a couple of paint splattered boiler suits, posters and other Clash memorabilia on show. One of the great things tucked away down in the basement is a photo of a younger looking Keith Levene (he of Public Image Limited and Metal Box in dub fame) playing his geetar at an early gig, a couple of cassette tapes from Don Letts (possibly) with handmade covers and a smart 101’ers poster (The band Joe Strummer was in pre-Clash with one Richard Dudanski who went on to join Public Image Limited too).

Mick jones and keef

If you like this sort of rock history stuff head down. I’ve been, but passed on the Fender-sponsored master class to “practice some of the band’s famous licks”. What next, all the back catalogue remastered and played through Bowers and Wilkins Hi Fi system? Yeah, that’s there too! P

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