I want to ride my bicycle

It’s been biketastic this week. I ride in to work every day and like a bit of a cycle. This week I used it at lunch to get a bit further before starting to have a look around by the river on foot. Unfortunately I forgot my camera. From St. Paul’s I managed to get up to Westminster Bridge by bike and then walked up to near Chelsea Bridge and back. It’s very residential round there but very pretty. I also interrupted a couple getting down to business, but I can’t guarantee they’re there every lunchtime so won’t divulge the address.

What if they want to go to different tweed shops?

What if they want to go to different tweed shops?

My interest in cycling was also piqued by an exhibition in the curved outdoor gallery of the Museum of London. Having only a half-hour lunch on Friday, I thought I’d stretch my legs and see what it was all about. It turns out that the Museum encouraged people to send in pictures of cyclists and then commissioned a very talented artist, Ugo Gattoni, to create a set of images using these as a basis. A bit surreal, a bit bonkers, and very nice. W

Freaky innit?

Freaky innit?

I like them

I like them



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