Keep it soft!

tough like rambo
Walking through London’s parks I’m noticing more people keeping fit with their personal trainers. Park benches are put to use by doing sit ups on them, alongside old plant pots, concrete slabs and fallen branches used as alternative gym equipment. I reckon it won’t be long before the councils crack on and start charging them for using the facilities!

The other week I watched a chap doing press-ups while his Rambo type trainer (acting like he wanted to be ex-SAS but probably was ex-accountant) was looking the other way eyeing up the females walking past, flexing his pecs and preening his gelled hair while screaming “101, 102, 103” at the poor sweaty bloke on the floor.

This Monday lunchtime in Lincoln’s Inn Fields I passed five women all wearing matching fluorescent lycra doing synchronised “crunches” in a circle, with their trainer sitting in the middle barking instructions to them Sergeant major style. All around them sat office workers having their sarnies who looked a bit shamefaced as they weren’t “working it”.

Never mind all this macho hardman nonsense, big up the softness! Especially the nice Brazilian chap who does Taiji (in his office gear) in the same park tucked away in a corner keeping his head down and getting on with it! P


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