Ain’t misbehaving

LSe roll_2On Friday morning I saw a card in the window of the excellent Wright’s bar in Houghton Street where I was treating myself to a takeaway bacon roll (£1.15 how good is that?). The card was advertising for volunteers to do research at the LSE behavioural unit. The money isn’t too great, a Tenner an hour or a Fiver a half but you could spend that after at the excellent LSE canteen or Wrights bar and still have change after filling your stomach! I will probably give it a go when the students are back in the autumn and review it for LIYLH.

One thing which is putting me off though is the disclaimer at the bottom of their webpage:

Respect for people and equipment Participants should treat the BRL facilities including furniture and equipment, with respect. Behaviour that is offensive, disruptive or dangerous to other participants, researchers and staff is unacceptable. 

That doesn’t make your fellow researchees sound too promising does it?  P



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