A double dragon in London

I’m mid-way through a brilliant 2 day Taiji Seminar in Brockley organised by Sifu Rose Oliver of the Double Dragon Alliance Cultural Centre from Shanghai.

Each year Rose comes over with a master from China (for the last 3 years it’s been the excellent Master Wang Ming Bo). The seminars suit all styles of Taiji and it doesn’t matter what level of experience you are at too. It’s very cheap compared to other seminars (2 days for £80!) and taught in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and there’s definitely no whacking on the backs of the legs with a hard cane like Masters used to do when the students didn’t get something right in those old Kung Fu movies! Master Wang Ming Bo will smile at you good-naturedly when he has you on the floor in a armlock after you’ve just been thinking “I’ve got him this time!” and you just can’t help smiling back!

It’s probably a bit late now (unless you catch todays seminar: Sunday 30th June from 3-9pm at 50 Honor Oak Community Centre, Turnham Rd, London. Tel: 020 7639 2309) but something to keep in mind for next year if you’re at all interested in Taiji. P


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