Who’s down with LSE (yeah you know me)

Ooh it's lovely on the terrace

Ooh it’s lovely on the terrace


You may have noticed that P‘s been doing the lion’s share of the posts in the past week. That’s because I’ve been on holiday. And on my return, I found that P had been sniffing round the LSE canteen again and was pushing for us to go. The menu looked good, so this Thursday saw our very first ‘restaurant’ outing.

We met by the main entrance on Houghton Street. Bowling in there like we owned the place and were perfectly at ease amongst the brightest economic minds of the future. After hopping out the lift on the fourth floor, we made the newbie mistake of going straight instead of turning left and ended up in the Deli section..imbeciles! A swift turnaround and peek at the sandwich fillings (£2.40 for a single filling in sliced bread) then saw us in the main canteen. In addition to the food they advertise outside, there’s also a great range of salads, breakfast cereals and usual canteen fayre (pizza, fish and chips, sausage, bacon etc).

We opted for one of the specials, a chicken curry with reduced meat as it was part of their “healthy day” menu. Served by a very moody man who I thought was going to throw us out, he reappeared again to take my money at the checkout. After that…where to sit?

We could see some students were outside on a terrace. Could we join them? After searching about for a door, we got out there, found some seats and relaxed with our £3.95 lunch. P splashed out and bought some bottled water, taking his total dangerously close to the £5 limit we’d set ourselves.

Curry and a drink for under a fiver

Curry and a drink for under a fiver

But was it any good? Well I had no complaints although I was kicking myself that we hadn’t waited a day and gone for the Turkish spread. Other than that it was very pleasant, apart from the fact that I couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that we were about to be challenged and escorted from the premises with a curry hurled at our backs for good measure. Fortunately, our time passed without incident and we even had time to squint at a quite quaint garden across the way.

Another garden

Another garden

All in all, a good shout for a lunch under a fiver – and with that terrace suntrap, you couldn’t go far wrong. I may have to cultivate some floppy hair and bum fluff if I am to infiltrate the place again though. W


2 thoughts on “Who’s down with LSE (yeah you know me)

  1. LSE is an open campus you are welcome to come again Sorry about the moody service we all have our off days. Come again and you don’t even have to cultivate the floppy hair. We can guarantee good quality good priced food

    • Hi Lesley, thanks for getting in touch. Don’t worry W wasn’t in the best of moods that day as he was a bit paranoid he might get spotted for a non student. I’ve been a few times since and have no complaints at all. I love the idea of the world food canteen! P

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