Tales from a lunchhour

Last Friday I picked up the latest menu from the LSE restaurant and judging by the below, it’s looking good! Me and W are going there very soon so expect a review.

north africa

Thanks to David Watson yet again for passing on another fantastic book, this time called “Walking Haunted London” by Richard Jones (New Holland). There’s some great stuff in here, William Terris is mentioned again, the ghost of Nell Gwyn and 50 Berkeley Square is officially the most haunted house in London (people who stay there overnight are found dead in the morning with bulging eyes and their faces contorted having witnessed something so grotesque. Brilliant, very Hammer House of Horror!) But the best one is Green Park’s Tree of Death that emits a low gurgling sound on certain nights. Bonkers! There’s walks all over town including around Fleet Street and St Barts way. Worth a look at to arrange a lunchtime walk (though I imagine night time would be better!)

walking haunted london

Talking of St Barts, last Wednesday evening I passed by there about 8.45pm and noticed on a small piece of grass outside Carluccio’s, a man in full golf gear (jumper, spats and a cap) putting a golf ball on a child’s crazy golf type thing. Funnily enough I had noticed another golfer there a couple of weeks previous but was rushing for a train so didn’t stop. On this occasion I chatted to the golfer thinking it was some sort of art prank. I was wrong, turns out he was “a clue” in a murder mystery/urban walking game organised by a door in a wall. Looks well interesting!

On a final note, Thursday I passed a man down on his luck sleeping on the floor of a bus shelter in Holborn with his shoes and socks off about 1.15pm. I forgot all about it until a mate of mine walked past him at 2.30pm. An ambulance had been called by a member of the public as they thought he was very ill. When the paramedic tried to wake him up, he shouted very loudly “xxxx off and leave me alone, I’m trying to kip!”. The said paramedic turned around to her mate, smiled and shrugged her shoulders and walked off all embarrassed like. That’s terrible, they were only trying to help! P


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