Breezy bill down the tube

William terris plaque

This morning before work I popped by Covent Garden Tube Station fascinated by what I was told about the ghost of William Terris at the end of last week.

I asked the two chaps on ticket duty if they knew anything about the ghost and if they had ever seen it. One told me a workmate (now sadly deceased) had an experience with Terris while he was on a late shift in the 1970’s.

He was in the mess room one evening enjoying his late lunch of cheese and pickle sarnies when a pale faced man in a cape came flying in through the door in a rush. The caped fellow carried on through the mess room and disappeared down the spiral staircase where the tube worker gave chase (he was brave!) When the LT worker got onto the platform out of breath the guy he was chasing was no longer to be seen and when he asked a lone track worker “where did the bloke in the cape go?” all he got as a reply was “what bloke in a cape, are you mad?”

It is said that William Terris even though killed outside The Adelphi, visits the tube station to go to the bakery that used to exist there. The chap this morning added that Terris was supposedly having an affair with the lady owner. I don’t know if any of it is true or not but a bonkers story indeed. And all of this before 8.30am! P.


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