Papp off, why don’t you…

pap offThursday lunchtime while I was on my way to meet a mate I noticed about forty papparatzi milling about outside an office in High Holborn obviously waiting for someone to show. What was even funnier, on the other side of the road there was a massive crowd forming, all with sarnies in one hand and a mobile phone (camera at the ready) in the other. They had no idea who the papps were waiting for as when I asked a few of them, all I got was “No idea”, “It’s got to be someone famous” and “I hear it’s Trendy Spice” yeah right! I reckoned it was going to be someone classy like the chap with the whispering snake on Britain’s Got Talent.

About ten minutes later walking passed the scene again I noticed an arabic looking guy in a suit with his head down with a couple of minders trying to get into the back of the building. Then all hell let loose!

A shout went up from the papps who started running around the corner, whacking each other and any passers-by out of the way all while trying to carry all their massive gear, outsized furry boom mikes and cameras etc. In the end they surrounded the unfortunate bloke, nearly flattening what looked like his lawyer of maturing years into the bargain. The suited bloke was in the building before you knew it and the papps were standing around again playing the old waiting game albiet a lot more bruised!

It was only watching the ten o’clock news later that evening that it turns out the scrum I witnessed was for the horse trainer Mahmood Al Zarooni who was on his way to a doping hearing with the British Horse-racing authority. He’s now been banned for eight years after being found guilty of giving his horses steroids.

I was well shocked at the behaviour of the papparatzi, they honestly didn’t give one for anyone that got in the way and talk about stalking! Now I know what Posh Spice feels like when she pops out for loo roll at her local branch of Tesco’s. That was lunchtime madness of the highest order! P


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