On a serious note

Irrational beliefsI’m more of a bloke who finds the sight of a man with a megaphone giving out to passers-by outside Mcdonalds great stuff to while away a lunch hour but there are alternatives to this sort of silliness. Today for instance  at Conway Hall is the Intriguing talk “Irrational beliefs in the NHS” (including why hospitals miss out bed 13). Also for more serious stuff have a look at what’s on at the Gresham College. Their free lectures in the forthcoming months include “what makes a good professional” and “public oratory in London from the middle ages to the present day”. Not my cup of char but I am sure these subjects float other peoples boat. Me, I will be out in watching the “sleepers” at various London libraries, eating while on the hoof (and getting microwaved Uncle Ben’s rice all over my clothes) or buying cheap unrefrigerated cheese and ham from the man with the greasy hair in Leather Lane market who says “thank you” in a very high pitched voice. I don’t want to give it large but I do lead a very exciting (lunchtime) life! P


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