We have no time to stand and stare

Unless you have switched your eyes and ears off, you’ll know that this Wednesday will see the procession and funeral of Margaret “Maggie” Thatcher.

I’m not sure what to expect of a full military funeral. I’m hoping for a balls-out, goose-stepping soviet style procession with tanks and warheads but will settle for an oompah band and french bangers. The shindig starts off at Westminstinster Palace before parading its pomp and circumstance all the way along the Strand until it ends up at St Paul’s Cathedral itself.

Have a look at the tfl website for more information about the route and the road closures. It looks like Blackfriars will definitely be closed throughout.

As something free to have a look at, if you can take an early lunch (The service starts at 11am), it can’t really be beaten .

As it is, even if you miss the cortege, there’s bound to be some interesting sights about– especially as LIYLH’s P is hoping to inflate a small child’s paddling pool and indulge in some hoop trundling in order to lighten the mood. If it all turns horribly violent however, you may want to give the whole thing a miss. W


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