We’re loving it!

love police_3Thursday lunchtime I witnessed what looked like a mad one-man protest outside the Holborn branch of McDonalds. A man with a (turned up to the max) megaphone was demonstrating in a very witty style and was getting a fair bit of reaction from the crowd so I had to stop and have a listen. There was something a bit different about this protest though, there were no banners or signs in sight and the only leaflet that was given out (and only when I asked) was a “tacky” one in the speaker’s own words. Here’s the leaflet in near enough in the same condition when I got it on Thursday lunchtime.

love police leafletWhat the guy was saying was brilliant and on a top humour tip! Two of the lines I remember well were “and they serve something called a happy meal, can you see anybody happy coming out of there?” and “some people have birthday parties for their kids at McDonalds, that’s child abuse in my eyes” The passers-by didn’t quite know what to make of it all, some walked past with their heads down (as per in London town) while others got quite agitated. In the ten minutes I was there at least three people asked him “and what is WRONG with the food at McDonalds?” What!

I went over and told the guy how funny it all was before he was told to move on by McDonalds staff and the security from the financial college next door. I was so intrigued with what I saw, I got back to work told a few people about it and had a look on the web. It was Danny Shine the spiritual entertainer, once of the Love Police which my good mate The Rhythm Doctor told me about a while ago that I had forgotten all about. I also realised I had walked past Danny a few months previous in Covent Garden while he was chatting on the megaphone standing beside or possibly on top of a step ladder. I didn’t stop then, thinking he was some sort of “out there” busker. I am ashamed to say I didn’t know too much about what Danny did before seeing him on Thursday but I do now and would love to see it again!  Big up Danny and keep spreading the love, there ARE people listening! Check out Danny on film when he was in the Love Police and on his own as the spiritual entertainer. Brilliant! P


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