Squat rock

squat rockIt’s nice to see that the art of squatting is very much still alive in London in this day and age. This nice bit of sign art above is what greets you at the front door of a squat in Clerkenwell. Every time I have walked passed there recently (lunchtimes and early evenings) I’ve been accosted by some strange beings indeed, one telling me that the UK is soon going to be invaded by the US, we will all then become nomads and that we should listen to the music of John Lennon for the answer to life’s problems. I don’t think the people who’ve been milling around there of late are the actual inhabitants of the squat, but I reckon it’s the bonkers signage that is attracting them. Funnily enough I am still waiting for the squatters to get back to me after I posted some rare reggae vinyl through their door for a valuation the other week. P

*****Looks like the squat above is no more, I was showing W the building today and there were some chippies boarding the place up. Will I get my records back you think?*****

lice and easy does it


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