Clock off

Do you like clocks and watches? No, but do you really? Like really really?

Well have I got a place for you.

I finally got round to having a mooch round the Clockmakers’ Museum, which is part of the Guildhall library.

It's the Guildhall - The Clockmakers' Museum entrance is on the far right.

It’s the Guildhall – The Clockmakers’ Museum entrance is on the far right.

It’s very small and easily doable in half a lunchtime. I didn’t take any pictures inside. Not because it wasn’t interesting – I love horology – but I realised that it wouldn’t necessary tell you any more about the museum. Plus I thought a man was looking at me funny.

So let me paint a picture with words. A very sketchy picture with few details and a bit that you think is a hand but could be a claw.

It’s a concise but well laid out room that tells you the history of Guilds and Liveries, as well as charting the rise of the London clockmakers’ art and eventual decline to the few remaining proponents of it today. That sums it up nicely.

One of the best things about the libraries and museums in the City is the fact that it’s a treasure trove of information about free goings on. On snaffling the pamphlets and perusing them at my leisure, I’ve just found that there are also lunchtime events, lectures and concerts on at the Guildhall and a range of free doo dahs at the Bishopsgate Institute. Get in. W


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